By Jeff Stringer

Photo of Fire Tower at Robinson Forest

Fire Tower 2017

All UK forestry students and many forestry and natural resource professionals have experienced Robinson Forest. For those that have not visited in a while, you would still recognize the place, same cabins, streams, roads, and fire tower. However, there are changes, some subtle and some not so much. The longer you have been away the more change you will notice. A few recent upgrades worth noting include:

The fire tower “super highway”. Gone are all the humps and dips, technically modified broad-based dips, used for erosion control, the ones that used to cause you to lose your lunch or knock your head against the roof of the van when taken with too much gusto. (Note: the really old alum’s, including myself, never got transported in vans, we were hauled in a cattle truck.) The road has been widened, graveled, and all drainage is now through culverts.

The forest now has a cell tower, which was paid for through the cell tower installation. The cell tower is located along the ridgeline north of the fire tower. You cannot see it from camp, but can from the tower.

Fire Tower at Robinson Forest - 2007

Fire Tower 2007

The fire tower itself got an overhaul. It survived an engineering inspection, which I thought would result in condemnation, but alas – no! It actually got a great report, it is very sound, and based on the good bill-of-health we replaced all of the wood steps and overlooks with metal. It is awesome.

Alumni will get a chance to visit the forest and see the upgrades during our Alumni Bash at Robinson Forest on Sunday, October 14, 2018.

Robinson Forest Webcam - Views from the Fire Tower

Cell tower at Robinson Forest