Assistant Professor Wildlife Ecology and Management
104 T.P. Cooper Building
Lexington, KY 40546-0073
(859) 257-7594


Ph.D. Natural Resources 2019, Cornell University

M.S. Biology 2015, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife 2013, Michigan State University

Research Interests

In the McNeil Lab, we study how wildlife populations of conservation concern respond to conservation actions. Although I work on a variety of taxa, most of my work focuses on forest birds in the eastern United States.  

Some broad topics studied in the McNeil Lab include: 1) Assessing the roles of forest management (e.g., silviculture) in the conservation of forest bird populations, 2) Quantifying avian demographic responses (e.g., adult survival, nest survival, chick/fledgling survival, etc.) to wildlife conservation practices, and 3) assessing the extent to which non-target species (e.g., pollinators, game birds) respond to species-specific management programs. 

Although much of our work is built on strong, applied foundations, we also pride ourselves on publishing work that contributes novel insights into a variety of theoretical aspects of ecology (e.g., metapopulation theory, source/sink dynamics, etc.). 

Photo of Darin McNeil