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Episode 50 - Forest Health Research and Education Center

In this 50th episode of From the Woods Kentucky, co-hosts Renee Williams and Laura Lhotka interview scientists with the Forest Health Research and Education Center. (air date 11/14/2019)

Guests: Drs. Ellen Crocker (UK), Dana Nelson (U.S. Forest Service), Burt Abbott (UK), Thomas Ochuodho (UK), Tyler Dreaden (U.S. Forest Service and UK)

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Insect Sounds from the Forest

with Dr. Ellen Crocker, Assistant Professor Forest Health Extension, UK Dept. Forestry and Natural Resources; Dr. Jonathan Larson, Extension Entomologist, UK Dept. of Entomology; Hannah Hollowel, graduate student, UK Dept. of Entomology

From the Woods Kentucky


From the Woods Kentucky