Research Analyst
221-B T.P. Cooper Building
Lexington, KY 40546-0073


M.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Biology 2017, Clemson University

B.S. Biology (minor in Music Industry) 2013, Northeastern University

Selected Publications

Newman JC, EA Riddell, MW Sears, LA Williams, and K Barrett. 2022. Integrating physiology into correlative models reveals habitat suitability under climate change for a threatened amphibian. Ecography e06082.

Newman JC, JL Mota, RH Hardman, JW Dillman, K Barrett. 2019. Pathogen detection in Green Salamanders (Aneides aeneus) in South Carolina, USA. Herpetological Review. 50(3): 503-502.

Newman JC, K Barrett, JW Dillman. 2018. Green Salamander estimated abundance and environmental associations in South Carolina. Journal of Herpetology. 52(4):438-444.

Carlson BE, JC Newman, and T Langkilde. 2014. Food or fear: hunger modifies responses to injured conspecifics in tadpoles. Hydrobiologia. 743(1): 299-308.

Newman JC, CJ Thawley, and T Langkilde. 2014. Red imported fire ant predation on eggs of the eastern fence lizard. Herpetology Notes. 7: 415-418.

Photo of Jill Newman