Assistant Professor of Wildlife and Conservation Biology
102 Thomas Poe Cooper Building
Lexington, KY 40546-0073
(859) 257-9507


Ph.D. Animal Sciences 2003, University of Kentucky

M.S. Biology 1997, Morehead State University

B.S. Biology 1995, Morehead State University

Current Major Research Project Status

(In general, not currently accepting new grad students w/o accompanying funding or under special conditions.)

  • Ecology of the Martial Eagle in Mara Region of Kenya (fieldwork)
  • Population Status and Diet of River Otters in Northern New Mexico (fieldwork)
  • Impacts of Herbivores on Select Tree Seedlings Replanted on Coal Surface Mines (fieldwork)
  • Using Spatial and Genetic Analysis to Characterize the Impacts of Habitat Fragmentation on Pit Vipers in Central Appalachia (field/labwork)
  • Impact of Timber Harvest Breeding Birds in a Mixed-mesophytic Forest (fieldwork)
  • Impacts of Fire and Herbivory on select hardwood trees in the Inner Bluegrass Region of Kentucky (analysis phase)
  • Survival and Cause-Specific Mortality of White-tailed Deer in Eastern Kentucky (publication phase)
  • Ecology and Management of Black Bear in Eastern Kentucky (analysis/publication phase)
  • Ecology and Conservation of Black Bears in Southcentral Florida (analysis/publication phase)
  • Ecology and Management of Reintroduced Elk in Kentucky (analysis/publication phase)
  • The Common Raven in Cliff Habitat: Detectability and Occupancy (publication phase)

Courses Taught

  • FOR 101 Introduction to Wildlife Conservation
  • FOR 365 Wildlife Assessment (field semester course)
  • FOR 435 Conservation Biology
  • FOR 550 U.S. Biodiversity Hotspots (trips taken as FOR 599: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Florida’s Ecosystems, Chihuahuan Desert Ecosystem)
  • FOR 599 Environmentalism:Survey of a Sociopolitical Movement 
  • FOR 770 Ecology, Management, and Conservation of Wild Canids
  • FOR 770 Ecology, Management, and Conservation of Wild Felids
  • FOR 770 Ecology, Management, and Conservation of Neotropical Migrant Songbirds
  • FOR 770 Ecology and Management of Wild Ungulates in North America
  • FOR 770 Where in the World is Aldo (Leopold)?


Photo of John Cox