Associate Professor of Wildlife and Conservation Biology
102 Thomas Poe Cooper Building
Lexington, KY 40546-0073
(859) 257-9507


Ph.D. Animal Sciences 2003, University of Kentucky

M.S. Biology 1997, Morehead State University

B.S. Biology 1995, Morehead State University

Current Major Research Project Status

  • Population Dynamics and Resource Selection of Reintroduced Elk in Kentucky (new project fieldwork/older project analysis and publication phase)
  • Ecology of the Martial Eagle in Mara Region of Kenya (fieldwork)
  • Using Spatial and Genetic Analysis to Characterize the Impacts of Habitat Fragmentation on Pit Vipers in Central Appalachia (publication phase)
  • Population Status and Diet of River Otters in Northern New Mexico (publication phase)
  • Impacts of Herbivores on Select Tree Seedlings Replanted on Coal Surface Mines (long-term fieldwork)
  • Impact of Timber Harvest Breeding Birds in a Mixed-mesophytic Forest (long-term fieldwork/analyses)
  • Impacts of Fire, Herbivory, and Competition on select hardwood trees in the Inner Bluegrass Region of Kentucky (long-term fieldwork/analysis phase)

Courses Taught

  • FOR 101 Introduction to Wildlife Conservation
  • FOR 365 Wildlife Assessment (field semester course)
  • FOR 435 Conservation Biology
  • FOR 550 U.S. Biodiversity Hotspots 
  • FOR 599 Environmentalism:Survey of a Sociopolitical Movement 
  • FOR 770 Ecology, Management, and Conservation of Wild Canids
  • FOR 770 Ecology, Management, and Conservation of Wild Felids
  • FOR 770 Ecology, Management, and Conservation of Neotropical Migrant Songbirds
  • FOR 770 Ecology and Management of Wild Ungulates in North America
  • FOR 770 Where in the World is Aldo (Leopold)?


Photo of John Cox