Graduate Student’s Deer Research Shown on Kentucky Afield

The University of Kentucky Department of Forestry, in partnership with Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, has been conducting a 3-year project to assess survival and cause-specific mortality of white-tailed deer does and fawns in southeastern Kentucky, an area where deer numbers have remained stubbornly low despite restocking efforts decades earlier. M.S. Forestry graduate students Caleb Haymes and Joe McDermott in Dr. John Cox’s wildlife research lab have focused their thesis fieldwork on determining what factors (e.g.

Research at Griffith Woods Wildlife Management Area

Because the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky was settled so quickly in the 1700s, we know little about the ecology of this unique landscape. Historical accounts suggest a mosaic of forest, savanna, and openings filled with giant cane. Griffith Woods is a wildlife management area in Harrison County that protects some of the best remnants of this habitat type, commonly referred to as savanna-woodland.