Formulating an expanding-gap regeneration system for oak dominated stands

Although Femelschlag systems are used throughout Europe, few documented examples of these expanding-gap shelterwood practices exist in North American oak forests. In 2012, a replicated study...Read more.


Modeling long-term stand density, growth, and recruitment relationships in upland oak stands of central hardwood forest region

This study utilizes four USDA Forest Service thinning experiments established more than 50 years ago in Kentucky and Ohio. Read more.


Effect of grading technique on forest productivity of high-value tree species in reforested surface mine lands

In 1997, the University of Kentucky began research on the Starfire Mine in Perry County, Kentucky in order to test the effects of surface grading technique and organic soil...Read more.

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Marco A. Contreras, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Forest Management

John M. Lhotka, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Silviculture (Publications)

Jeffrey W. Stringer, Ph.D.
Extension Professor of Hardwood Silviculture and Forest Operations

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