While timber production is only one of the reasons that families own woodlands, many owners like the idea of being able to cut and use some of their own timber. Regardless of whether you are gathering firewood for your own use or making lumber and wood products for a profit, removing logs or poles from the woods can be a challenge. This is especially true because most woodland owners do not have commercial logging equipment specifically designed to safely and efficiently drag and haul logs from the woods. Instead most woodland owners will use equipment that is readily available such as farm tractors or four wheelers, either ATVs (all terrain vehicles) or UTVs (utility task vehicles or side by sides) to drag or haul logs. Unfortunately, these vehicles are not designed to undertake this type of work. Commercial logging equipment is designed to drag (skidd) timber safely. It is designed to work in rough terrain and is difficult to tip over. Further, commercial logging equipment such as timber skidders or dozers are designed to and can safely drag very heavy loads behind them. ATVs, side by sides, and farm tractors are not. In many instances their designs can make them inherently dangerous when dragging timber from the woods. A number of steps can be taken to ensure your safety when dragging logs and poles from the woods with tractors or four wheelers, and a number of equipment manufacturers have designed attachments to allow for the safe removal of timber with these types of equipment.

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