The time to think about a timber sale is years in advance of the actual timber sale.  You need to be thinking about your objectives for your property and how a timber sale can further your objectives.  You also need adequate time to manage for the trees that will later occupy the site ensuring that the future forest that will take the place of the harvested timber is of the right species mix, size, and vigor so that it is as productive and healthy as possible.  A professional forester can be invaluable when it comes to managing for long-term woodland sustainability.  Visit the Timber Harvesting and Sales page to learn more.


How much is my timber worth? 
This frequent question does not have a simple answer.  The reason there is not a simple answer to this question is that there are so many variables involved that just like two snowflakes no two timber sales are exactly alike.  Timber values may fluctuate wildly based on the species being harvested, their quality, their volume per acre and per tree, the distance to markets, logging difficulty level, time of year, contract restrictions, as well as current market conditions.  Nobody knows exactly how much your timber is worth until it is sold but there are ways to obtain an estimation of its value.  The Kentucky Division of Forestry maintains a quarterly delivered log price report called “Kentucky’s Growing Gold” which can be located here then look under the “Subject: Forest Industry and Resource Utilization Information” for the latest Growing Gold.  Another way to estimate your timber’s worth is to have a consulting forester provide a timber appraisal for a fee—you can find a consulting forester by visiting

Where can I get assistance in selling my timber?
Involving a professional forester in planning and implementing your timber sale is recommended.  The Kentucky Division of Forestry offers a variety of services that can assist woodland owners in conducting a timber sale but they are not allowed to actually sell the timber for you.  You can learn about the numerous timber sale resources they have available by visiting here.  If you need more assistance in your timber sale than the Kentucky Division of Forestry can provide then consider contacting a consulting forester with the Kentucky Association of Consulting Foresters by visiting


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