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The Forestry major offers a diverse career path in an outdoor office. Foresters are qualified to do almost any job that involves assessing, utilizing, protecting, preserving, restoring or re-establishing forests. Career opportunities are strong and are likely to remain so as the large, post-war baby boom generation retires. Foresters can find employment in both the public and private sectors of the economy. Also, many forestry graduates continue their education in graduate school.

What can you do with a forestry degree?

Learn where a forestry degree can take you.

A forestry degree can take you across the globe or to your home state. You can work outside in the woods or in the city. 

Public Sector Jobs

Public sector jobs include federal agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Office of Surface Mining (reforestation opportunities), the Army Corps of Engineers (shoreline management of artificial lakes), and the Department of Defense (forest management on large military bases) as well as state agencies such as Divisions of Forestry (many of which are involved in landowner assistance), Divisions of Reclamation and a variety of environmental protection divisions.

Private Sector Jobs

Private sector employment includes the wood using industries, land management companies, timber investment management organizations (TIMOs) as well as a wide variety of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have forestry and environmental interests.

Local, national, international opportunities

Forests are of major importance to the entire world and, as you may suspect, forestry is a career that has numerous international opportunities as well as national and local opportunities.

Job opportunities for forestry graduates include:
•    Forester
•    State and federal forester
•    Land Manager
•    Urban Forester
•    Consulting Forester
•    Wildland Firefighter
•    Utility Forester
•    Arborist
•    Forest Biologist
•    GIS Specialist
•    County Extension Agent
•    Environmental Scientist
•    Water Quality Specialist
•    Researcher
•    Naturalist
•    and many more.

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