Letter from Dr. Jeff Stringer about the first annual "One Day for UK" (March 28, 2019)

Forestry Alumni,

We have a great opportunity for you (us) to support our forestry students. On April 17, 2019, UK is conducting a 24-hour day of giving called “ONE DAY FOR UK”. Your Forestry Alumni Advisory Board and the Department are recommending that we establish a challenge opportunity to ensure that we can get all of our students to the 2019 National SAF Convention in Louisville this fall. Since it is at our doorstep, the only real cost for sending students is the registration fee of $160.

We are asking you to consider making a donation between now and April 17 that will support the registration fee of a forestry student to the 2019 SAF meeting. If you can sponsor more than one student, great! If you can only afford part of a registration fee, don’t worry we’ll combine donations and send a whole student!

When you donate prior April 17 to the “Forestry Enrichment Fund” you will have an option to click yes for "Is this gift for One Day for UK?" (see instructions below). This will ensure that your donation will be matched with a donation to the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment’s (CAFE’s) General Undergraduate Scholarship Fund. So not only will your donation directly help a forestry student attend the SAF meeting, it will also provide funds to a general scholarship fund that supports CAFE undergrads, including ours. It’s a WIN-WIN!

We appreciate you considering participating in this challenge to aid in getting 100 percent of our forestry students to the SAF meeting.

The Department’s faculty and staff are on-board with this initiative. Students will have an excused absence for attending and our instructors will work to ensure that scheduling and classes are not a hindrance. Also the Department will help with transportation and other arrangements to make attendance accessible for all. We will have about 55 to 60 students in the fall that need assistance and it is our hope that we can get all of the forestry student to the SAF meeting!

Because of its location we will be hosting an Alumni Reception in downtown Louisville on Thursday night October 31 for all of you, even if you are not attending the SAF meeting. Also the students will be fielding a Forestry Quiz Bowl team that will compete on Wednesday night at the SAF meeting. For those that are able, please drop by and cheer them on!

Dr. Jeff Stringer, Chair – Department of Forestry and Natural Resources