Episode 89 - From The Woods Today - Safety in the Woods

Episode Date: 
January 26, 2022

In this episode of From the Woods Today, we have guests Mike Poynter and Craig Caudill with us to discuss safety and survival in the woods. They also share some tips on how to be prepared for any unexpected event.

Guests: Billy Thomas ( UK Department of Forestry and Natural Resources - Extension Forester ) , Craig Caudill ( Kentucky Nature Reliance School - Director & Chief Instructor ) , Mike Poynter ( Kentucky Board of EMS - Executive Director ) , Reneé Williams ( UK Department of Forestry and Natural Resources - Information Specialist Senior )

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Resources and Web links for January 26 Segments:

Kentucky Nature Reliance School
Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services
Kentucky Division of Water - Drinking Water

Episode Category: Citizen Science, From the Woods Today, General Interest