The extent to which gas cartridges or aluminum phosphide are effective depends on a variety of factors.  This method is recommended only if the entire burrow system can be located and fumigated.  This usually requires a neighbor’s cooperation since a burrow system is found over three to four lawns. Fumigation is rarely effective if the soil is porous or dry, the fumigant is not correctly placed, the complete burrow system is not treated, or there are numerous shallow feeding tunnels.

Warning: Never use a fumigant in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Fumigants appear to be most successful in controlling star-nosed moles, which are uncommon in Kentucky. Their usefulness in controlling eastern moles is questionable and requires  extensive  work  in  locating  the  burrow  system, determining  active  burrows,  and  digging  out  an  area  to place the cartridges.