When a tree is first cut down, a tremendous amount of water exists in the wood. For wood to be used as any product, whether it be for firewood, lumber or paper production, the water content needs to be extracted. If you burn green or "unseasoned" wood, the heat output in your home's fireplace will be greatly reduced. By seasoning the wood first, there will be a higher heat value generated.  The best time to consider cutting firewood for your home for next fall and winter is in the spring.

Methods to Season Firewood:

  • Cut to required fireplace length
  • Split for quicker drying
  • Removal of bark
  • Air dried for a minimum of six months
  • Stacked and dried in an open area with good air flow
  • Maintain a cover over the top of wood (not sides)
  • "Season" wood during months of low humidity
  • Keep the wood off the ground

(Note: for anyone that has firewood left over from this season, do not store it next to your home. Wood eating insects can be attracted to a stack of wood and can possibly find your home as the "frosting on the cake".)