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Snakes provide both direct and indirect benefits to woodland owners by being part of the balance of nature and serve as both predator and prey. Some common snakes such as the rat snake, corn snake, milk snake, or garter snake eat destructive insect and rodent pests. King snakes eat other snakes including venomous ones; queen snakes eat crayfish; and hognose snakes eat toads. Some of the smaller snakes such as the red-bellied, ring-neck, worm, and brown snakes eat earthworms and soft-bodied insects such as grubs in the soil. One of the most promising benefits of snakes is the use of their venom. Some of the compounds from their venom are used to treat cancer, prevent heart and stroke problems, Parkinson’s disease, and many more health problems.

To see specific snakes, visit www.kysnakes.com

Click here to view our Venomous Snakes of Kentucky (FORFS18-02) publication.

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