Photo of 2019 Forestry Alumni Scholarship Recipient

Many undergraduate and graduate students in the UK Department of Forestry and Natural Resources are supported by funds generated through scholarships, endowments, and other gifts. Our donors play an important role in providing educational opportunities for students that may not otherwise be able to attend college or pursue a graduate degree.


Photo of first Forestry Alumni Scholarship Recipient

First recipient of the Forestry Alumni Scholarship, along with members of the Forestry Alumni Scholarship Committee.

Photo of UK Forestry Students at the 2019 SAF National Convention

Alumni donations to the Forestry Enrichment Fund helped send our students to the 2019 SAF National Meeting.

Ways to Support UK Forestry and Natural Resources

Ways to Give

To learn more about the various ways to give, including information on the employer matching gift program, visit the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Office of Philanthropy and Alumni.

Giving Online

Visit Support UK Forestry to learn about the scholarship or funding opportunities to support our students and programs. Use the scholarship or fund names when donating so the funds are allocated to appropriate account. If you would like to give online, visit the University of Kentucky Online Giving website. In the Fund Designation section, select 'Other' and then provide the fund name from the list on Support UK Forestry

Other Ways to Help

There are other ways to help our program besides financial contributions. If you have the opportunity to visit with high school students or potential forestry students about the forestry profession, we would be happy to provide you with current materials on our undergraduate forestry program. In addition to helping recruit future forestry professionals, you can also help support our forestry students by providing internship opportunities, giving guest lectures, and reaching out to other alumni to help support our forestry program.