The University of Kentucky is committed to helping forestry professionals in managing the lands of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the entire Central Hardwood Region.  Whether it’s federal, state, industry, or family owned forest land, foresters are trained professionals who can help.  With over 12 million forested acres in Kentucky there’s a lot of land and people that need help with managing their resources.  Foresters can check out this section of the website for resources and publications on the latest relevant forest research relating to silviculture, ecosystem management, watershed protection, herbicide usage, and any other activity related to forest management.

Center for Forest and Wood Certification

Private foresters can become Cooperating Foresters to bring new group members into the Center's Forest Stewardship Council and American Tree Farm System certificates without the expenses of getting their own individual certificate.  The Center also conducts trainings for other foresters and natural resource professionals regarding the benefits and opportunities of forest management certification.  Visit the Center's website for more information about certification education and business opportunities for foresters.

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