The forests of Kentucky cover approximately half the Commonwealth and are predominately privately owned by families and individuals. These privately owned forests are the first link in the Kentucky forest and wood industry supply chain which contributed more than $12 billion to the Commonwealth’s economy in 2013 alone. Reaching and educating this important audience is critical to the promotion of sustainable forest management in Kentucky. National and state-level surveys of woodland owners indicate that printed materials are a preferred method of receiving forestry related information.
Since 2006, UK Forestry Extension has partnered with the Kentucky Division of Forestry to develop, publish, and directly disseminate the Kentucky Woodlands Magazine to more than 10,000 woodland owning families and individuals as well as the natural resource professionals that serve them three times a year. In addition, all issues are archived online broadening the reach of this communication platform.

Kentucky Woodlands Magazine is the largest forestry related communication platform in the Commonwealth and plays an ongoing role in promoting and enhancing our significant forest resources. The magazine is dedicated to the woodland owners who are stewards of one of our greatest natural resources.  They provide the Commonwealth and its citizens with a wide range of economic, soical, and environmental benefits.

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