Trees in general are a very interesting point of discussion in our society. We find trees in our everyday life in literature, in art and in nature. All of us have a general knowledge and awareness of several tree species usually as a result of a tree growing close to our homes or places that we frequent. Few of us, unless we have a deep interest in the natural sciences, can identify more than a handful of trees. In Kentucky we have over 120 naturally occurring species found in our woodlands and nearly fifty that are commercially important to the valuable wood industry that is found throughout our state.  Click on one of the below to discover more about trees.

Tree and wildflower identification can be obtained directly from the UK Herbarium housed in the Department of Forestry. Rob Paratley, Research Specialist and Curator of the Herbarium handles tree I.D. for county agents, landowners, and the general public. To submit samples use the Woody Plant and Wildflower Identification Form. The form contains information on how to package materials and the mailing address for the herbarium.




Tree 101

Common KY Trees

Tree Characteristics