Forestry Webinar Series

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Kentucky woodland owners and other interested individuals are invited to watch previously recorded Forestry Fall Webinars on the topics listed. The Forestry Webinar series were held at County Extension Offices and were an excellent opportunity for woodland owners and those with an interest in forestry to get a significant amount of information in a relatively short time, without having to drive great distances to attend. 


What is a Webinar?
Webinars are essentially a “web-based seminar”. These “seminars” are used to conduct live meetings or presentations via the Internet where participants sit at their own computer(s) and are connected to other participants via the web. Participants may also partake in Webinars by visiting a site that is hosting one such as an Extension Office.

One important feature of a Webinar is its interactive capabilities. These capabilities allow the presenter to disseminate and discuss information all in real time. It also allows attendees to participate by asking questions and viewing information. 

The valuable aspect of a webinar is the cost-factor. It saves participants, as well as presenter’s, time and money as both can be in any part of the country but still communicate and learn and discuss the topics needed.

Previous Webinars