Research Forester
(859) 218-4885
215 T.P. Cooper Building

Courses Taught

  • FOR 200 Basics of Geospatial Technology
  • FOR 260: Forest Products and Wood Science


B.S. Forestry (Minor: Biological Sciences) 2016, University of Kentucky

M.S. Forest and Natural Resource Sciences 2018, University of Kentucky

Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics 2018, University of Kentucky

Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics 2023, University of Kentucky


Support department research in forest management, forest operations, silviculture, and related disciplines via field data collection, geospatial and statistical analysis of research data, and preparation of research manuscripts, reports, and grant proposals.

Selected Publications

Sena, K.L, Z.J. Hackworth, J. Maugans, and J.M. Lhotka. 2023. Twenty years of urban reforestation: Overstory development structures understory plant communities. Sustainability 15(3):1985.


Hackworth, Z.J., J.M. Felch, S.M. Murphy, and J.J. Cox. 2022. Detectability of Common Ravens (Corvus corax) in Central Appalachian Cliff Habitat, USA. Ecosphere 13:e4148.


Patterson, C.P., Z.J. Hackworth, J.M. Lhotka, and J.W. Stringer. 2022. Initial light and regeneration patterns following expanding-gap irregular shelterwood in Quercus-dominated stands of the Northern Cumberland Plateau, USA. Forest Ecology and Management 505:119871.


Sena, K., Z.J. Hackworth, and J.M. Lhotka. 2021. Forest Development over a Twenty-Year Chronosequence of Reforested Urban Sites. Forests 12(5):614.


Dement, W.T., Z.J. Hackworth, J.M. Lhotka, and C.D. Barton. 2020. Plantation Development and Colonization of Woody Species in Response to Post-Mining Spoil Preparation Methods. New Forests 51(6):965–984.


Hackworth, Z.J., J.M. Lhotka, and J.W. Stringer. 2020. Midstory Removal Facilitates Growth but Reduces Competitiveness of Oak Reproduction Prior to and After Shelterwood Establishment Cutting. Forest Science 66(3):371–381.


Hackworth, Z.J., J.J. Cox, J.M. Felch†, and M.D. Weegman. 2019. A Growing Conspiracy: Recolonization of Common Ravens (Corvus corax) in Central and Southern Appalachia, USA. Southeastern Naturalist 18(2):281–296.


Hackworth, Z.J., J.M. Lhotka, J.J. Cox, C.D. Barton, and M.T. Springer. 2018. First-Year Vitality of Reforestation Plantings in Response to Herbivore Exclusion on Reclaimed Appalachian Surface-Mined Land. Forests 9(4):222.

Photo of Zachary Hackworth