What is it?

Chinese silver grass is a highly prized ornamental bunch grass that has been widely planted for the aesthetic beauty of its foliage and tall flower heads. Unfortunately, this grass easily escapes from its ornamental grounds and establishes along roadsides and other disturbed ground in rural areas. Chinese silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis), also known as zebra grass, eulalia grass, eulalia, Chinese fairy grass, and by its scientific name (Miscanthus) has many varieties that are planted for windbreaks, and some varieties are being considered for large-scale plantings to produce biomass. As is the case with many invasive plants, Miscanthus hails from Asia (China, Japan and Korea) and was brought to the United States as an ornamental. It has spread throughout the eastern United States, Colorado and California. 


How do I control it?

Miscanthus can best be controlled using herbicides. Due to the extensive root systems and rhizomes, it is very difficult to control by hand pulling, disking, and other mechanical treatments. Individual plants or small areas can be hand grubbed if follow-up occurs the next year to take care of missed plants. Click on the artilce icon to the right for more control metods.

Chinese Silvergrass

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