FOR 770 Topics/Instructors

Tentative Schedule

Fall 2017

Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Wild Canids (Cox)
Weekly Departmental Seminar (Springer) 
University Forestry Teaching (Wagner)

Spring 2018

Forest Disturbance, Resilience, and Health in Appalachia’s Mountains (Yang)
Reptile and Amphibian Conservation and Management (Price)
University Forestry Teaching (Wagner) 

Previous Semesters

Spring 2017

Neotropical Migrant Songbird Ecology, Management, and Conservation (Cox)
The Pristine Myth:  Anthropogenic Influences on New World Ecosystems (Paratley)
University Forestry Teaching (Wagner)

Fall 2016

Where in the World is Aldo (Leopold)? (Cox)
Spatial Analysis for Natural Resources using GIS and R (Yang)
University Forestry Teaching (Wagner)

Forestry Graduate Program

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Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor
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