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The Kentucky Master Logger Program is an education program that teaches logging methods that benefit both industry and the forest.  The program was developed in 1992, but became mandatory with the passage of the  Kentucky Forest Conservation Act (KFCA) in July 2000, which regulates all commercial loggers and requires the use of best management practices (BMPs) to help protect water quality.

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Forest Health Research and Education  logo

The Forest Health Research and Education Center (FHC) advances the conservation of forested ecosystems by integrating genetics-based biological research, social science and education on factors affecting tree health and forest restoration. Using a collaborative approach, the FHC is developing research programs and facilitating discussions to fight forest health threats and ensure the resilience of eastern U.S. forest systems.

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The Center for Forest and Wood Certification builds regional forest and wood certification capacity through the delivery of unbiased information; technical assistance; and the development of programs for landowners, loggers, and forest products industries to participate in certification in a sustainable and affordable manner.

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