Wildlife Damage

Wildlife Damage

Wildlife Damage

Most wildlife represent beneficial natural resources, yet overabundance of native species, increases in proximity of wildlife to human populations, and introduction of invasive species  may result in damage to crops, livestock, property  and natural resources.  As human populations increase and expand, wildlife damage issues have become more prominent. Fortunately, most wildlife damage problems can be solved by applying preventive measures including modifying habitat, creating barriers and using repellents.  In some situations, removal of individual animals may be necessary.  A variety of programs and agencies in Kentucky provide assistance and information on managing wildlife damage problems.  If wildlife are causing crop or other property damage check out the appropriate publications on this page and if you are dealing with nuisance wildlife then visit here

White-tailed Deer Damage

Vole Damage

Beaver Damage

Muskrat Damage

Vulture Damage

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