Woodland Owners

Woodland Owners

Woodland Owners

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The majority of our woodlands are privately owned and those woodland owners deserve our appreciation and support for all the benefits they provide. Unfortunately, Kentucky’s woodlands are facing numerous threats and woodland owners can no longer afford to “do nothing” with them.  Explore the links below to find out more about the care and management of your woodlands.


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Manage Woodlands

Your woods are an asset.

Caring for your Woods

Forest Health

Pests, diseases, storm damage, fires, invasives and more.

Threats to our Forests

Got Timber?

Timber sales assistance, find a logger, timber trespass

Timber Resources


Programs to help woodland owners and industry.

Extension Programming

Need to learn more? More topics from invasive plants to storm damage to wildlife and everything in between.

Tax Tips

Learn a few tips that you should know when planning for tax filing.

Options for Owners

Learn about the options available to woodland owners when it comes to woodland management.

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