Woodland Owners
Certification provides several opportunities for the woodlands owners of Central Appalachia.  Price premiums for selling timber, access to ecosystem service markets, and increase technical assistance are available to certified woodlands owners.  American Tree Farm System and Forest Stewardship Council certification are available from the Center. Visit the Center's website to learn more about certification.

Industry Information
Sawmills, loggers, concentration yards, cabinet manufacturers, custom casework mills, and all types of wood processors are eligible for Forest Stewardship Council ans Sustainable Forestry Initiative chain-of-custody certification form the Center.  If your company is getting calls and solicitations from customers asking for FSC or SFI timber, the Center can help. Visit the Center's website for more information about getting chain-of-custody certified. 

Logger Information

The Center offers chain-of-custody certificates for logging firms to allow the cutting and hauling of Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, or Tree Farm timber. If your logging crew purchases stumpage from certified woodlands you must have a chain-of-custody certificate. 
Visit the Center’s website for more information to get chain-of-custody certified.


Forester Information
Private foresters can become Cooperating Foresters to bring new group members into the Center's Forest Stewardship Council and American Tree Farm System certificates without the expenses of getting their own individual certificate.  The Center also conducts training's for other foresters and natural resource professionals regarding the benefits and opportunities of forest management certification.  Visit the Center's website for more information about certification education and business opportunities for foresters.