E.g., Sep 29 2023
E.g., Sep 29 2023
E.g., Sep 29 2023
Photo from TreesLouisville
Photo from Transformative Travels. Photo by Russell Johnson.
Photo of Wood Lily, state endangered Lilium philadelphicum. Photo by Tara Littlefield
Tom Dorman State Nature Preserve - Garrard County - photo by Thomas Barnes
Photo of horses used in horse logging at Berea College.
Photo of woodlands. Photo by Renee Williams
Photo of white oak acorns being hand planted at the KDF nursery
Photo of maple syrup. Photo by Steve Patton.
Photo of prescribed fire research
Kentucky Division of Forestry
Photo of Robinson Forest
Photo of Cave Run. Photo by Kelley Corbine.
Photo of wolf spider- hogna aspersa - with spiderlings. Photo by Jim Kalisch
Photo of forest
Photo of Knox County Wildfire (photo by Brandon Howard)