Invasive plants are those that have a tendency to take over an area if left unchecked.  While we do have some invasive native plants in Kentucky the ones that cause the most trouble in our woodlands are invasive exotic plants.  These invaders are not controlled by the insects, animals, or diseases that keep them in check in their homeland.  If not addressed quickly they can spread and become a serious problem for woodlands.

There are a wide variety of methods that can be used to address invasive exotic plants depending on the types of plants, their size, and densities.  It is critical to match the control method appropriately to the plant and even then it is necessary to follow-up to ensure there is not a new invasion in the future.  Check out the resources on this page to learn how you can deal with invasive exotic plants on your property. 


Invasive Plants - From The Woods Today - Episode 1

Bush Honeysuckle

Chinese Privet

Chinese Silvergrass


Japanese Knotweed

Garlic Mustard

Japanese Stiltgrass


Tree of Heaven

Japanese Honeysuckle

Winter Creeper