Forestry webinars are an excellent opportunity to get a significant amount of forestry-related information in a relatively short time, without having to drive great distances to attend.  

Check out the webinars below that have been recorded in the past. 


Tree Farmer of the Year Virtual Field Day

Tree Farmer of the Year 2019

Tree Week 2020: Tree & Wildlife Assistance

Tree Week: Tree and Wildlife Assistance

Tree Week 2020: Trees for Birds

Tree Week: Trees for Birds

Wood Bioenergy

Wood Bioenergy3

Assistance in Ky

Wildlife Assistance in Ky

Tree & Log Grading Intro

Tree and Log Grading Introduction

Citizen Science

Theres an App For That Forest Engagement Through Citizen Science

Caring for Your Woodland

Caring for Your Woodlands

Tree Week 2020: Landscape Tree Health

Tree Week: Landscape Tree Health Issues

Mushrooms and More

Mushrooms And More From Your Woodlands

Marking Property Boundaries

Marking Your Woodland Property Boundary

Sustainable Timber Harvest

Implementing Sustainable Timber Harvest

Federally Protected Species

FFWS Landowners and Federally Protected Species

Tree Week 2020: Are my Woods Healthy?

Tree Week: Are My Woods Healthy?

Deer Management 101

Deer Management 101

Timber Marketing and Sales

Timber Marketing and Sales

KY Forest Health Update

Forest Health Update 2016


Wildfire Webinar

Tree Week 2020: How to ID Trees

Tree Week: Tree ID

Identifying Kentucky's Trees

Identifying Kentuckys Trees

Preventing Wildlife Damage

Preventing Wildlife Damage on Your Property Dr Matt Springer

Healthy Woodlands?

Are Your Woodlands Healthy Webinar

Tree ID

Tree ID Webinar Recording