SOAR Forestry Economic White Paper Reports – The SOAR region stands to gain through the strategic and sustainable growth of the forestry sector. Two white papers outline this potential. 

SOAR – Analysis of the Forest Industry’s Potential for Eastern Kentucky – This March 2015 report summarizes the findings of an economic analysis indicating that the timber based forestry sector could sustainably provide $1.5 billion in additional direct economic contributions in the 54‐county SOAR region including 7,498 new jobs. Economic contributions could total more than $2.3 billion including induced and indirect contributions generated from this sector. The analysis considered both expansion of existing forest industries and new industries that can use the low quality and degraded forest resources that are present and underutilized.

SOAR  -  Next Steps for Job Growth – Unlocking the Forest Industry Potential – It is clear that the SOAR region has the potential to benefit from the expansion of existing forest industries and the development of new forest industries. One mechanism to assist in capturing this potential is to develop a SOAR-based forestry industry initiative to facilitate industry recruitment. This November 2015 report provides information on the next steps that could be used to capitalize on the forestry sector to increase jobs and economic potentials in the region. Both white paper were generated upon request of those interested in the economic well-being of the SOAR region.

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