The Value of a Harvested Woodland Acre to Kentucky in 2017Kentucky’s forests directly provide the wood resources for a significant portion of the forest sector’s economic contribution. In total, each acre of harvested timber contributes an estimated $19,935 to Kentucky’s economy. This contribution starts with the woodland owner that gets, on average, $1,033 per acre for timber sold. This is based on the statewide average of 3,563 board feet of timber harvested per acre at $0.29 per board foot. Data from all forest sub-sectors except for the paper converters forest sub-sector were used to develop the economic contribution estimate of one harvested acre of timber to the Kentucky economy. Each forest sub-sector’s direct contribution was derived by dividing the direct output of each forest sub-sector by the estimated number of harvested acres annually (242,589). These figures show the distribution of the economic impact from one harvested acre and the flow of harvested wood in Kentucky.

The Flow of Harvested Wood in Kentucky