KY Wood Related ExportsKentucky’s wood related exports grew substantially in 2017 to more than $347 million which is an increase of over 20 percent compared to 2016. With a minor exception in 2016, Kentucky’s wood related exports have steadily increased since 2012.



Top 5 KY Wood Related ExportsKentucky oak continues to be in high demand around the world. More than 60 percent of all Kentucky wood related exports are oak, the majority of which is white oak for wood casks (barrels) and lumber. Railroad ties were another important export in 2017 at more than $26 million.



KY Wood Related Export DestinationsAsia imported more than $138 million in Kentucky wood related exports in 2017 followed by the European Union with over $112 million. The third region with the most Kentucky wood related imports was North America (Canada and Mexico) at $76 million. All other regions combined imported over $19 million in Kentucky wood related products.