Assistant Professor, Forest Health Extension
207 T.P. Cooper Building
Lexington, KY 40546
(859) 257-3040


Ph.D. Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology, 2015, Cornell University

B.A. Biology and History, 2006, Williams College

Extension Responsibilities

  • Tree and Forest Health
  • Invasive Plants
  • Insect Pests and Pathogens of Trees
  • Mushrooms

Research Interests

  • Forest health and sustainable forest management
  • Forest pathology
  • Invasive plant biology and management
  • Plant-soil feedbacks


Courses Taught

  • FOR 310, Introduction to Forest Health and Protection
  • FOR 602, Renewable Natural Resources in a Global Perspective
  • NRES 390-001, Special Topics: Introduction to Urban & Community Forestry
  • EXP 396-010, Experiential Education, Engaging Girls in STEM

Extension Publications

Research Publications

  • Crocker E, Condon B, Abdullah A, Abbott A, Nelson CD, and M Staton. 2019. TreeSnap: a citizen science app connecting tree enthusiasts and forest scientists. Plants, People, Planet. 00: 1-6
  • Fang L, Crocker E, Yang J, Yan Y, Yang Y, and Z Liu. 2019. Competition and Burn Severity Determine Post-Fire Sapling Recovery in a Nationally Protected Boreal Forest of China: An Analysis from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery. Remote Sensing. 11-603: 1-22
  • Sena K, Dreaden T, Crocker E, and C Barton. 2018. Detection of Phytophthora cinnamomi in Forest Soils by PCR on DNA Extracted from Leaf Disc Baits. Plant Health Progress. 10 (3): 193-200.
  • Sena K, Crocker E, Vincelli P, and C Barton. 2018. Phytophthora cinnamomi as a driver of forest change: Implications for conservation and management. Forest Ecology and Management. 409: 799-807.
  • Crocker E, Nelson E, and B Blossey. 2017. Soil conditioning effects of Phragmites australis on native wetland plant seedling survival. Ecology and Evolution. 7(15): 5571-5579.
  • Crocker E, Lanzafane J, Karp M, and E Nelson. 2016. Overwintering seeds as reservoirs for seedling pathogens of wetland plant species. Ecosphere. 7 (3).
  • Crocker E, Karp M, and E Nelson. 2015. Virulence of oomycete pathogens from Phragmites australis-invaded and non-invaded soils to marsh wetland plant species. Ecology and Evolution. 5: 2127-2139.
Photo of Ellen Crocker