Spotted salamander during Dr. Price’s herpetology demonstration. Photo by Dan Eaton

The Wildlife Biology and Management Minor is designed to provide students in forestry, natural resource environmental science, biology, animal science and related majors with a broad foundation in wildlife ecology and the practice of wildlife management and conservation. Students are required to complete a core set of foundational wildlife courses that provides a fundamental understanding of basic concepts, principles, and practices of wildlife studies applicable to multiple career lines that incorporate wildlife management, research, teaching, outreach, and land stewardship. Completion of the minor will also satisfy many of the courses required to become a Certified Wildlife Biologist as recognized by The Wildlife Society professional organization.

Wildlife Biology and Management Minor

Minor Prerequisites

  • BIO 148 Introductory Biology I (3)

Minor Requirements

  • FOR 101 Introduction to Wildlife Conservation (3) (spring)
  • FOR 370 Wildlife Biology and Management (4) (fall)
  • FOR 435 Conservation Biology (3) (spring)

   TWO of the following courses:

  • FOR 510 Herpetology (4) (spring)
  • FOR 520 Mammals of the Eastern United States (4) (fall)
  • BIO 559 Ornithology (4)

Minor Electives*

    ONE of the following courses:

  • BIO 303 Introduction to Evolution (4)
  • BIO 325 Ecology (4)
  • BIO 375 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology (3)
  • BIO 555 Vertebrate Zoology (5)
  • FOR 340 Forest Ecology (4)
  • FOR 400 Human Dimensions of Forestry & Nat. Res. (3) 
  • FOR 530 Freshwater Ecology (3)
  • FOR 540 Urban Ecology (3)
  • FOR 550 U.S. Biodiversity Hotspots (3)
  • FOR/GEO 570 Landscape Ecology for Natural Resources (3)
  • NRE/LA 556 Contemporary Geospatial Applications for Land Analysis (3)

*Forestry majors may not select FOR 340 or FOR 400 to count towards the Minor Electives. Forestry majors must select one of the other courses listed under the Minor Electives.

Total Hours Required: Minimum 21 hours

Forestry Majors - Plan ahead! Work with your advisor early to map out a path for both forestry and wildlife.

For additional information on the Wildlife Biology and Management Minor, contact:

John J. Cox, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Wildlife and Conservation Biology
(859) 257-9507 | | 102 T.P. Cooper Building

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