Episode 158 - From the Woods Today - Spotted Lanternfly

Episode Date: 
June 28, 2023

In this episode of From the Woods Today, we discuss an invasive pest, spotted lanternfly, and how their potential arrival poses a threat to various industries of Kentucky. We also have a segment on tree of heaven, an invasive plant that is the preferred host of the spotted lanternfly.

Guests: Dr. Ellen Crocker ( UK Department of Forestry and Natural Resources - Assistant Professor, Forest Health Extension ) , Reneé Williams ( UK Department of Forestry and Natural Resources - Information Specialist Senior ) , Seth Spinner ( KY Office of the State Entomologist - Outreach Specialist )

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Resources and Web links for June 28 Segments

Spotted Lanternfly
Citizen Science Pest Surveys
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Report Sightings to: ReportAPest@uky.edu

Tree of Heaven
UK Invasive Plants Site

Episode Category: Bugs/Insects, From the Woods Today, Citizen Science, Forest Health