A propane canon can make a frightening device.


Propane Canon  

You can use a propane exploder to discourage deer from using fields. Propane cannons can be set to detonate at regular, timed intervals. It is important to set the cannons out when the plants appear above ground and continue for 4 to 7 weeks. Move the cannons every few days and alter the time when they detonate to prevent deer from becoming accustomed to the sound.

A sprinkler can be used as  a frightening device.Sprinkler    

Motion activated sprinklers can be used to help deter some wildlife from small gardens or landscaping.

A balloon frightening device.



Balloons that resemble a predator or large eyes can be used to help limit bird and small mammal usage of gardens and crops. 

You can also use a shellcracker to frighten deer away from crops. Shellcrackers are special 12-gauge shotgun shells that use a firecracker that travels about 100 yards before exploding. 

Remember: Frightening devices will only temporarily alleviate the problem until you decide on a more permanent solution.