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Enrollment and Job Placement

Enrollment and Job Placement

Forestry Enrollment and Job Placement

Undergraduate Forestry Program Enrollment

  • Fall 2023 - 69 undergraduate forestry students
  • Fall 2022 - 68 undergraduate forestry students
  • Fall 2021 - 72 undergraduate forestry students
  • Fall 2020 - 66 undergraduate forestry students
  • Fall 2019 - 62 undergraduate forestry students
  • Fall 2018 - 53 undergraduate forestry students

Source: Enrollment & Demographics - Enrollment By Major/Degree - Forestry

Forestry Job Placement

May 2023 Graduates (13 forestry graduates)

  • Employment in permanent forestry positions (62%, n=8)
  • Attending Graduate School (8%, n=1)
  • Joined military (8%, n=1)
  • Unknown (23%, n=3)

Source: Placement information from personal communication with graduating students. 

Econ Report Header 2022-23

Economic Contribution of Kentucky's Forest Sector

Forests cover nearly half the state of Kentucky and are the foundation of a forest sector that is a major economic force in the Commonwealth. View the latest Kentucky forest sector economic contribution estimates, prior estimates, links to data sources and methods, as well as additional information related to the economic importance of Kentucky’s forest resources.

View KY Forest Sector Economic Impact

$18 Billion

Total economic contribution of Kentucky's forest sector

2022-2023 Kentucky Forest Sector Economic Contribution Report


For questions or additional information on the undergraduate forestry program, contact Laura Lhotka, Forestry Academic Coordinator at 859-257-8718 or Also, email Laura if you would like to arrange an in-person visit or a Zoom meeting. Let us know how we can help!

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Contact Information

Thomas Poe Cooper Building 730 Rose Street Lexington, KY 40546-0073