Kentucky’s forests (or woodlands) provide more than economic benefits, they also provide countless benefits that are often overlooked, including:  

  • Wildlife and Biodiversity: Kentucky’s woodlands are home to more than 100 tree species and thousands of other species of plants, animals, insects, fungi, and microorganisms. Kentucky is well known for its wide diversity of wildlife much of which is dependent on woodlands for at least part of their lives.
  • Cleaner Water: In addition to slowing precipitation so that it can be absorbed into the ground, our woodlands help to filter out pollutants and sediments before they reach our water supplies. Kentucky’s extensive running waters and lakes are protected in large part by the trees that crowd their banks and act as filters and soil stabilizers.
  • Cleaner Air: Woodlands help to clean our air by sequestering carbon and other pollutants while also providing oxygen.
  • Recreation/Aesthetics: Kentucky’s woodlands provide the scenic backdrop for countless tourism and outdoor recreational opportunities including hiking, camping, hunting, bird watching, nature photography, and more.
  • Quality of Life: Nearly half the state is covered in woodlands and these woodlands are a major part of our heritage and they give us a sense of place.