Figure 8Kentucky exported an estimated $293 million in wood related exports in 2021 which is a $17 million increase from 2020 (Figure 8). Despite modest gains in 2021, wood related exports remain lower than the recent peak in 2018. Wood barrel exports decreased by $6 million while oak lumber and hardwood lumber increased $3 million and $6 million, respectively. Oaks remain extremely important to the Kentucky forest industry and once again lead the way when it comes to exports.


Three of the top 5 wood related exports are comprised of oaks led by wood barrels at $106 million. Oak lumber was next at $56 million followed by hardwood lumber at $19 million. Oak logs returned to the top 5 wood related exports at $10 million while adhesive paper made its debut in the top 5 at $18 million (Figure 9). Kentucky’s barrels remain in high demand around the world; the United Kingdom imported more than $38 million in oak barrels followed by Japan at $16 million and Ireland importing over $14 million (Figure 11). 
Figure 11 map
Figures 9 and 10

Asia replaced Europe as the leading destination for Kentucky wood related exports in 2021 at more than $108 million (Figure 10). Europe was the second leading destination for Kentucky wood related exports at $93 million in 2021. North America (Canada and Mexico) represented the third largest importer of Kentucky wood products at $73 million. The rest of the world imported more than $17 million in wood-related products.